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Designing Your Ring

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Designing your ring

What to expect from a custom ring. When you order a Passion Fire diamond ring, you can know that the ring is being made personally just for you. It is not "off the shelf" and will never be "shop worn." In fact, the only person who will put this ring on her finger is your fiance. Any ring in our collection can be customized the way you choose. Most commonly, we customize the ring size and the metal. We can also add or subtract diamonds, change the shape or size of the center, or any manner of other changes you request, by clicking the "customize" option on the ring. Once you order the ring, we follow these simple steps in producing your ring.

  • First, each ring will be modified in our computer aided design system to produce the exact ring in CAD that we are going to produce.
  • Next, we will carve a wax replica of the CAD design and make any additional modifications by hand, when necessary. This wax is required in order to fabricate your ring in any of the precious metal options.
  • We also begin the process of pulling and sorting the diamonds we will eventually use in the ring, making sure each one meets our specifications.
  • Then the wax is sent to the casting machines where it is melted away and replaced by gold, platinum, or palladium. Sometimes we have to re-cast a ring when we notice porosity or bubbles in the casting.
  • At this point we will match all the diamonds and arrange the various sizes in order of how they will be set.
  • Once the ring is cast, it will be polished and the diamonds will be set.
  • Finally, the center diamond will be set at the very end.
  • There is one more inspection by Master Gemologist Appraiser, David Nygaard, and the diamond is then shipped.
We will send you periodic updates of the progression of your ring production via email. Please make sure you have selected the correct ring size and any other changes.