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Frequently Asked Questions

"It says I can 'Customize.' What does that mean?"

   It means your imagination is the limit! Many jewelry store claim that you can make a custom ring, which for the most part is true, but you are limited to only changing the center stone, metal color, or finger size. Here, we mean, tell us EXACTLY what you want and we will work with you to make it happen. If you see a ring and you think to yourself, "I love it, BUT..." then hit customize and tell us. Do you want less of the accent diamonds? Change the width? Make it two tone? Add in gemstones? Make the diamonds bigger or smaller? You already have a stone you want to use? Is the ring too expensive? Is it not expensive enough? Or you have a picture that has been burning a hole in your wallet since 1999 and you want one just like it and you don't quite see something in our inventory like it. Please let us know. This is what we specialize in and we are passionate about helping you make your dream come true. 

"Customize? What if I don't like what you make me?"

    We know it can be scary to trust that your vision will go from your mind to the designer to the sketch to your finger just perfectly (although our designers are amazing!). But with us you are involved during the whole process. We go above and beyond to communicate with you to ensure that you know what you are getting in the end. Depending on the complexity of the design, we will meet with you via email, Skype, in store, or phone, to discuss your ideas, time frame, and budget. Then once renders are completed from our CAD designer, we show them to you for approval. At this point you are welcome to give feedback. You may make changes at this time if it isn't quite what you were thinking. When it's perfect, we show you a three dimensional printing of your ring. You get to touch and see what it will look like. How cool is that!? At this point, you still have control over the design, if there are any tweaks you want to make, if something looks or feels a bit different than the computer renders looked to you. When this step is perfected, we send that 3D model off to be made into your ring! You can trust that the final product will be exactly like the model you just held because they are actually using it to cast yours. The only difference is yours will be a real ring!

"How long does it take to customize a ring?"

  The typical custom design ring takes about two to three weeks to complete. Every piece varies according to how quickly the decisions and designs are finalized. But we work hard to communicate with you quickly and timely at each stage of the process.

"Where are the rings made?"

   Our customized rings are made in the United States! Because of this we can make your ring quickly using high quality products from trusted sources. Most rings that contain stones are set locally in our Virginia Beach store.

"Why aren't most of the rings sold with a center stone?"

      As tastes and budget differ greatly, we want to provide you with exactly what you want. Which means that not all of our rings will be a one-size-fits-all. You may prefer a different shape or different size or differernt quality than what is shown. Our goal is to create for you exactly what you want. So we encourage you to contact us! Let us know which ring you like and how you want to make it unique. Or do you love it, but it's out of your price range? We’ll be happy to chat with you about the different ways we can meet your budget, even if you’re just researching and starting your engagement ring search.

"What different metals can I make a ring in?"

    We cast in 950 platinum, 950 palladium, 18k/14k/10k white, yellow, and rose gold, Millennial Silver, and 925 sterling silver.

"What is Millennial Silver?"

    This is a new patent pending metal alloy, of sterling silver and palladium, that has over 95% precious metal content. It is considered a European-friendly sterling silver, as it contains no nickel. It is a grade 1 bright white metal. It has an as-cast hardness that allows setting of high quality stones in a sterling silver jewelry. This, combined with superior oxidizing and tarnish resistance, allows for a finish that will last longer. It has the look of platinum and the hardness of white gold, and is very budget friendly.